Monday 7th May 2018

Greetings from beautiful Madang!

The very wet season is almost over, we are now in transition through the doldrums until the dry season begins with the trade winds from the SE.   We have recorded up to 200mm rain in one day over the past month which is the highest on record in Madang, fortunately, most of the rain falls at night along with electrical storms.  The dry season should continue up until October but during the dry season we normally get enough rain to keep the lawns and gardens green.  Great time for diving in and around Madang with crystal clear waters.


Nathan.pngTAKA.pngLast night we held a cocktail party and invited local residents on how about becoming a PADI certified diver and enjoying what is described as the most exciting dive destination right at our front door.  More than 50 attended the function during which time they met Taka, Nathan and staff of NDA and MTS who presented recent videos and pictures of the reef and sea life in Madang, including two Killer Whale that came within 30m of the front of the Resort in Dallman Passage earlier this year.  The presentation was also attended by 10 Japanese Divers currently diving in Madang with NDA.

We are serious about exploiting the potential of diving in Madang and PNG.  NDA have some of the best infrastructure including a fully equipped PADI Dive Facility in the grounds of the Madang Resort, three dedicated dive vessels plus the Kalibobo Spirit, our 30m luxury motor yacht which is fully equipped to handle up to 12 divers on offshore islands including Milne Bay and Islands in the Bismarck Sea.    We have two full time PADI Dive instructors plus a staff of dive masters that are very experienced.

If you would like to learn more about diving you can down load with the undermentioned links.

PNG underwater Treasures

Madang Dive Planet Rock

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Link to Madang First Dive: http://

PNG underwater Treasures



Both the Cairns Sheridan and Tropical Heritage are also undergoing upgrades.   The Sheridan has undergone landscaping and the upgrading of bathrooms, Tropical Heritage is currently being repainted and has had king size split beds installed to replace the queen beds.

The occupancies of both hotels have been excellent and we expect very high occupancies in the peak season which begin now and run until December.

We are encouraging all prospective guests to book direct on the hotel websites to get the best deal on accommodation rather than using the parasite mega websites who indirectly increase the rate of accommodation because of their excessive commissions demanded which in turn increase the rack rate!



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