Diving and Our Vessel

Dive Madang

Niugini Dive Adventures is an only dive shop in Madang. We operate several boats depend on amount of passengers and activity. Madang has beautiful island, reefs and passages, you can reach to there within 30min by boat. Dive site is not crowded, beautiful coral is alive, a lot of big school of fish is swimming. Untouched nature is here. Enjoy diving with your boat, your guide and your dive site!


High speed diving boat with double of YAMAHA 250hp engine

  • *16tanks rack
  • *Available 8 divers or 12 passenger
  • *Fresh water pump
  • *Toilet
  • *Fridge
  • *GPS
  • *Sonar
  • *Radio
  • *Availble for trip to Karkar island and Bagabag island


  • Speed catamaran boat with double of YAMAHA 225hp engine

  • *18seats and 16tanks rack 
  • *Available 23-25 passengers 
  • *Toilet
  • *Ice keeper
  • *Available for cruising, diving or snorkeling

Expedition Dives by Kalibobo Spirit

The Kalibobo Spirit is equipped to handle up to 8 certified divers.  Diving can be done from the aft deck, or from the zodiac.  A dive master or instructor is carried aboard on most Island Cruise charters upon request.   All divers are required to hold PADI Certification and sign a indeminity form as a condition.  The ship is not equipped with a decompression chamber and the nearest chamber is located in Port Moresby.

There are snorkels, flippers, masks available on request for all guests.  

The dive . . .

Diving from the Spirit of Kalibobo you will be faced with an incredible scene. Clear water made even more luminous by the sandy bed and a group of silver-tipped sharks swimming undisturbed around the small mound at a depth of 12 metres. This species grows larger than the grey reef shark; the adults usually live in waters below 25 metres and feed on large quantities of small fish, squid and octopus.

The dive is now conducted in the most natural way possible and it is forbidden to offer food to the sharks to avoid altering their feeding habits. These splendid creatures can thus be observed in their own environment with a quite close, untroubled and totally controlled contact. The dive to Silver Tip is exciting: the sharks vary in length from 1 to 2.5 metres and swim around the divers, studying and observing them with curiosity.

Some are preceded by a thick group of pilot fish, others have remoras attached to their fins. One important rule is to leave them ample space to move without ever making them feel trapped. When you find yourself in their midst the dive becomes a game of who dares most. The main thing is to remember that the sharks are in control of the game.

Dive Milne Bay

Dive Kavieng - New Ireland

The warm, fertile waters that surge through the many passages and channels in the barrier reef around Madang make the ideal environment for a vast range of marine life. Marine Biologists from all over the world make pilgrimages to the Madang waters to study their wonders. For sheer colour and diversity of life, the seas around Madang have no rival.

Although you can enjoy world-class diving only minutes from the Madang Resort, the best spots are a little more remote and require more effort to get to.